Unparalleled performance and versatility

The Sound Scanner P12 is meticulously engineered to excel in localizing sound events across audible and ultrasound frequencies. With a remarkable usable frequency range of up to 44kHz, this state-of-the-art device is perfectly suited for a diverse range of applications.

Discover the unparalleled performance of the Sound Scanner P12, featuring 8 ultrasound microphones strategically positioned on a 12cm diameter circular disk. This groundbreaking design sets a new standard in the industry, offering the highest microphone density available in an acoustic camera. Experience the power of comprehensive sound field information, enabling the computation of acoustic images with superior dynamic range. This advanced capability instills confidence when analyzing low sound pressure level events from long distances.

Weighing a mere 700 grams, the Sound Scanner P12 stands as the lightest and most ergonomic acoustic camera on the market. Its design facilitates effortless one-handed manipulation, particularly in confined spaces. Unlock the potential of cutting-edge sound localization with the Sound Scanner P12, revolutionizing the way you analyze and interpret sound events.

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