Mobile array for wind tunnel applications

As this microphone array is especially tailored to wind tunnel applications, it meets the highest standards in image dynamics and sharpness of resolution. The Evo AC Pro was designed with a low HF aliasing and high LF contrast, combined with an enhanced spatial resolution.

The foldable sandwich construction allows easy transportation and measurement setup. A convenient setup frame with wheels for flexible positioning of the array and data recorder is included in the delivery. Additionally, the anchoring of the device in the ground is possible for the measurement setup in wind tunnels.

According to the customers’ needs, the array is equipped with state-of-the-art microphones. The individual array design is optimized to achieve best results for the spatial resolution and acoustic dynamic.

The mcdRec data recorder is available for performing data acquisition. To complete the system, NoiseImage offers the suitable software module for wind tunnel measurement and provides various advanced analysis methods.

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