Acoustics are becoming a very important feature of room/building design. If you are designing a concert hall or theater you need to make sure that people in every seat have the best experience, which mean poor acoustics should not take away from the event. When designing a restaurant it should provide an environment where conversations at the table are not affected. Using The Acoustic Camera you can map the sound sources on a 3D model of the room and provide a way to measure the room’s impulse response. This provides the ability to precisely localize the direct sound and the early reflections over time and space.

Room and building acoustics

The quieter the better

Whether it be a kitchen appliance or a consumer electronic, the overall consensus is; the quieter the better. Noisy products tend to be considered as less quality products in a wide range of markets. In order to achieve the standard that your consumers expect it is important to be able to localize and lower those loud unwanted noise sources. Using the Acoustic Camera you are able to find that loud noise source quickly and easily.

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