The Acoustic Cameras

When trying to locate and understand sound sources the Acoustic Camera is the measurement tool of choice. Using acoustic beamforming, the Acoustic Camera becomes a quick, easy, and powerful tool in sound source localization and analysis in a wide variety of applications.

2D Microphone Arrays

Depending on their size, Ring Arrays provide 32, 48 or 72 microphone channels. This type of array is suitable for various 2D beamforming applications.

3D Microphone Arrays

For 3D measurements, the microphone array receives signals from all directions. The beamforming results are mapped on scanned 3D point clouds or 3D CAD models of the measured object. Especially developed for interior measurements, the Sphere Arrays with 48 or 120 microphone channels are suitable for different scenarios.

Handheld Arrays

Our handheld devices are optimized for quick sound source localization using either beamforming or nearfield methods. These devices guarantee an easy handling for acoustic measurements in the far field and near field. As flexible mobile devices, Handheld Microphone Arrays are a great addition to any Acoustic Camera system. Moreover, the integrated data recorder makes them usable as a stand-alone solution. Handheld arrays are especially suited for troubleshooting because they enable real-time measurements in wide frequency ranges. Required time and effort for measurements are minimized since the lightweight device comes in a practical carry-case, already set up and ready to use.

Nearfield Intensity/Holography Arrays

As hand-held devices, Paddle Arrays are the ultimate low frequency measurement tool. As a double-layer channel system, it was developed for near field measurements and low frequencies using the intensity method. These portable Paddle Arrays allow for real-time acoustical measurements. The measurement of acoustic pressure signals can be conducted while particle velocity/acoustic intensity on the measurement plane is calculated and mapped simultaneously.

The Fibonacci Array represents a new array family allowing near field and far field measurements with the same hardware, using the holography or beamforming method.

The handheld Mikado is a 100% autonomous system for easy and efficient trouble-shooting of sound and vibration problems.

Data Acquisition

Data acquisition involves sampling signals that measure real-world data and converting this data into digital numeric values. As easy as this may sound, it is a lot harder to create a fully integrated, high-performing, and maximum flexible platform. We are proud to present our solutions from cutting-edge engineering.


The complete software is based on a plug-in concept: Extending the basic module, every plug-in brings its own graphical interface and tools. The users can decide which functions are necessary and make NoiseImage to their very own software system.

Services & Support

We offer variety of programs; including testing services, system rentals, user trainings, hardware maintenance and repair. These services are intended to support and simplify our customer’s tasks, improving their access to quality data and resulting in cost effective timely solutions to their needs.