In the past few years, acoustics has become increasingly important in industry, whether in terms of diagnostics or workplace safety. Companies today are becoming more aware of the damaging effects loud working conditions can have on their employees’ health. More and more of these companies are taking steps to lower the noise floor in and around the workplace. The Acoustic Camera is a great tool to find the major contributing factors to the overall dB levels. 

Predictive maintenance

How often has a machine “sounded” like it was going to go bad soon? By comparing acoustic deviations to a baseline measurement, the Acoustic Camera can highlight sounds that seem “off” and points out exactly where those differences are.

Hearing conservation

Let’s face it: many production environments can get very loud. With that loudness comes the constant threat of hearing loss. Even worse, it is irreversible and often very gradual. There is no better insurance against hearing loss on the job than if the work environment is quiet to begin with. By identifying the loudest sound generators, the Acoustic Camera can lead to a targeted treatment strategy which leads to effective sound treatment with minimal waste of time or resources.

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