There are many sounds that can be perceived by the consumer as being “right”. When shutting the door of an automobile, it must have that full sound the consumer expects despite the need of lightweight construction. The sound of a sports car versus the sound of a family sedan is an expected characteristic of car brands. These examples and many more is why so much effort goes into making sure the desired sound is achieved while eliminated the disturbances. The Acoustic Camera can help greatly in achieving a sound that is just right.

Wind tunnel module

The Acoustic Camera is the ideal system for acoustic measurements in a wind tunnel. With corrections for widening angle and shear layer effects, the NoiseImage specialized wind tunnel module perfectly compensates for the complex aerodynamics to find sources of noise on vehicle exteriors. In just minutes, you can capture and illustrate the noise sources on a vehicle destined for the open highway.

Advanced algorithms

Our advanced calculation algorithms can illustrate the highly complex sound field in a wind tunnel to amazing precision. A beamforming system powered by the Acoustic Camera and NoiseImage is so powerful, that you can illustrate the acoustic effects of design changes as miniscule as adding a layer of tape to a side mirror. 

Related applications

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