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The protection and health of everyone is our top priority. We are currently working remotely wherever possible and practice physical distancing. Our commitment to provide first class solutions and services remains unchanged.

Testing Services

All of our labs are set up for video conferencing allowing remote measurements to be made and shared. This allows you to send parts and join the measurement without needing to travel to our facility. After the measurement, a comprehensive report will be provided and explained over video.

System rentals

Take advantage of our rental program for our optical measurement technology.
We have the right solution for your short notice, time critical or infrequent measurement needs. 

Calibration & repairs

Our services labs are completely operational. We can provide shipping boxes to simplify the process of transporting your equipment to our service lab and will coordinate the return shipping with you. 

Vibrometry Optical Vibration Measurement

Advancing your measurements in R&D and production by light: non-intrusive, fast and precise

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Velocimetry Optical Speed and Length Measurement

Control your strip production process at all times: reliable and cost-efficient

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Surface Metrology Optical Surface Topography Measurement

Inspect the quality of precision surfaces from the lab to the production line: non-contact, fast and precise

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Process Analytics Online Control Using Near-Infrared Spectroscopy

Ensure the quality of your products – the reliable and non-destructive way 

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Acoustics Beamforming and Holography Measurement

In depth sound analysis for R&D and quick troubleshooting - visualize sound sources in 2D & 3D

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Surface Metrology
Process Analytics


Polytec manufactures a wide range of laser vibrometers that are the acknowledged gold-standard for non-contact vibration measurement. No matter your measurement need in research, development and production or even for long-term monitoring, there is a Polytec system to provide the answer. Laser-Doppler vibrometers analyze samples of different size, from entire car bodies, large aerospace parts over engines and actuators to micron-sized MEMS or delicate HDD components.

Numerous other research applications in mechanical and civil engineering, biology and medicine benefit from the superior properties of non-contact Vibrometry. Laser vibrometers easily master challenging conditions like measuring on hot surfaces, on rotating parts, and characterize complex and sensitive structures even in the ultrasonic frequency range. Vibrometers from Polytec help to solve your measurement task fast, reactionless and precise.


When producing strip material, e.g. in steel or paper mills, knowing exactly the strip length and the current velocity is essential for lowering your costs and optimizing your products and processes. Here, Polytec offers solutions for precise process control. LSV Laser Surface Velocimeters are high-performance non-contact sensors for a reliable measurement of length and speed.

Thanks to the optical measurement the sensor captures length and speed  reliably in challenging industrial environments. LSV offer a high level of robustness and process integrity at minimal maintenance cost.

Non-contact surface characterization

In order to characterize precision-manufactured and other sophisticated surfaces, it needs measurement technology that is reliable, quick and application-oriented. Guaranteeing functionality and detecting defects at an early stage avoids unnecessary cost and increases the overall product quality and lifetime.

Polytec addresses surface metrology applications with innovative, high-precision, non-contact optical technology that works on rough, smooth and stepped surfaces. White-light interferometers of the TopMap family are established quality inspection tools for the controls laboratory, in production environments or in-line.

Analyzing ingredients and optimizing processes

Process analytics is used to optimize the production process, to ensure consistent product quality and, last but not least, to meet environmental requirements. The objective in this regard is to improve product quality and enhance efficiency with a view to reducing costs, saving time and cutting emissions. Automated real-time control allows for controlled interventions to be made even during the product manufacturing process. Costly and time-consuming faulty production operations are prevented as a result.

Process analytics can be used throughout the entire production chain: when inspecting incoming goods, during production (either online in the form of automatic sampling while bypassing process control, or inline in the form of automatic sampling directly during process control) and during final product control.

As they are easy to use and robust, spectroscopic methods – particularly near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy based on dispersive diode array technology – are a popular choice in this area of application. 

The available measured variables are diverse in this regard:

  • Qualitative and quantitative compositional analyses to determine the concentration of products, additives and by-products, and to identify process-specific substances
  • Physical parameters in both the reactor and the reaction mixture, such as the humidity level
  • Layer thickness measurement


From NVH work to looking for frogs in the rainforest, The Acoustic Camera is the perfect tool for sound source localization. It is a quick and easy to use solution for not only localizing sound sources but also post measurement analysis.

With many different microphone array geometries and software modules to fit your application, it becomes the ideal tool for your measurement needs.

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