Non-contact 3D surface characterization 

For characterizing precision-manufactured and functional or sophisticated surfaces in detail and 3D, it requires measurement technology that is reliable, fast and precise. Guaranteeing functionality and detecting defects at an early stage avoids unnecessary cost and increases the overall product quality and lifetime. TopMap from Polytec addresses surface metrology applications with innovative, high-precision, non-contact optical technology that works on rough, smooth and stepped surfaces. White-light interferometers of the TopMap sensor family are established optical quality inspection tools for the controls laboratory, in production environments or in-line.

Whether form parameters, step-height, roughness or texture, on precision mechanics, optics or microstructures - TopMap surface metrology measures it!

Form, steps, roughness, optics or microstructures - measure it!

Xperts inside!

Powerful surface metrology and reliable quality inspections depend on know-how, on insights and on experts. The new Micro.View® and Micro.View®+ are the next generation optical surface profilers. Focus Finder and Focus Tracker greatly enhance the ease of use under all conditions. CST Continuous Scanning Technology allows for using the entire travel range of up to 100 mm as extended measurement range. Distinguish and document defects or visual distortions with the latest color information imaging analysis. Quantify surface topography with sub-nanometer resolution and capture the finest details. This expertise results in reliable surface quality control solutions.

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