NIR spectrometer modules for OEM solutions

The innovative transmission grating design of the PSS-M polychromator for NIR spectroscopy guarantees maximum sensitivity and extremely low scattered light levels. The modules are completely adjusted, including wavelength calibration (Δλ < 0.5 nm), and equipped to suit various sensor electronics requirements. The polychromators are therefore particularly suitable as product components for demanding applications.


Innovative transmission grating design

High measurement rates due to very short measuring times

Superior sensitivity and long-term stability

Uniformly high optical resolution across the entire spectral range

Extremely low scattered light levels (contrast ratio > 1:50000)

Integrated dark signal correction

SMA 905 fiber-optic connector

Ethernet interface

Technical data

ModelSpectral rangeDetectorResolution


850 to 1650 nmInGaAs
256 pixels
from < 6.4 nm


850 to 1650 nm512 pixelsfrom < 3.2 nm


1100 to 2100 nmInGaAs
256 pixels
from < 7.9 nm


1200 to 2200 nm256 pixelsfrom < 7.9 nm


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