Xenon UV-System

Polytec offers new UV sterilisation for food production

The light source is used continuously throughout production. The procedure is completely safe, both for the food being processed and for production staff.

The stainless steel system consists of a food-grade controller and lamp housing. It is designed to comply with IP67 and NEMA 4X standards and is therefore also suitable for wet environments.

The system is contactless and operates without residue and without heat input. The flashlamps are mercury-free and can be accessed without tools for servicing. The system is scalable and can be adapted easily to belt speeds and widths. It can be installed on existing conveyor systems without interfering with the process.

Unlike the Xenon UV system, conventional disinfection processes such as washing, steam cleaning or chemical cleaning require daily downtimes on the system, and therefore result in additional costs.

Polytec offers feasibility studies, demonstrations on site, sales, training and service for all Xenon systems throughout Europe.