Data acquisition for laser Doppler vibrometers

VibSoft is the data acquisition (DAQ) specialized and dedicated to acquiring vibration measurement data in combination with laser Doppler vibrometers. In addition to the acquisition and analysis functions, vibrometer settings can be remotely controlled using the interface. Conceived features such as the integrated signal enhancement boost data quality, while the optional integrated function generator responsible for arbitrary excitation signals and the real-time video imaging including laser spot simplify all steps from setup over measurement to documentation.

The VibSoft DAQ can be used for both analog and digital data transfer. A purely digital version is offered with VibSoft-VL.


  • Control all vibrometer settings remotely via the interface
  • Digital data transfer via VibroLink interface (Ethernet)
  • Integrated signal enhancement
  • Integrated function generator
  • Real-time video imaging of the test object
  • Recording of time and FFT data and of transfer functions
  • IEPE (ICP®) support for sensors from third-party suppliers (depending on the model)
  • Digital high, low and bandpass filters are available
  • Visual Basic Scripting (VBS) enables automatic test routines and an interface to external software
  • Option of exporting measurement data in the ASCII and UFF format
  • Possibility of directly accessing data through the open PolyFileAccess interface (e.g. for further processing in Matlab or LabView)

Fully digital data acquisition for vibration analysis

VibSoft provides both data acquisition and profound analysis of vibration measurement results. Using a VibSoft junction box, an analog vibrometer signal can be acquired and analyzed together with other analog input signals (sensors or reference signals). Polytec measuring instruments equipped with a corresponding VibroLink interface can communicate directly with VibSoft or VibSoft-VL via Ethernet or WLAN. This enables the transfer of measurement data and remote control of the measurement parameters fully digitally.

VibSoft offers digital high, low and bandpass filters. The software is open to common standards: for example, recording the time and FFT data for arbitrary voltage signals, supporting IEPE (ICP®) for sensors from third-party suppliers, providing Visual Basic for automatic test routines or exporting in the ASCII and universal file format.

VibSoft models support bandwidths from 20 kHz to 40 MHz and, are supplied pre-configured with a high-performance PC (optional) or as a mobile solution for your notebook.

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