Data acquisition and analysis for laser vibrometry

VibSoft is a comprehensive and easy-to-use software package for vibration data acquisition and analysis. VibSoft closes the gap between raw signal acquisition and profound analysis of vibration measurement data, offering optimum performance with laser Doppler vibrometers. 

Choose between three versions VibSoft-VL, VibSoft-20 and VibSoft-PRO: Whether your testing applications require analog or fully digital data acquisition up to 25 MHz or multi-channel DAQ that allows connecting additional inputs like complementary sensor signals. When mobility is key, benefit from a lean, portable and WLAN connected laptop solution.


  • Powerful DAQ and analysis from DC up to 25 MHz
  • Fully digital or multi-channel analog
  • Available as portable laptop solution
  • Control all vibrometer settings remotely
  • Real-time video imaging of test objects
  • Comprehensive toolbox for analysis in time and frequency
  • Sample excitation via internal signal generator
  • Individual post-processing with Polytec signal processor
  • Integrated scripting interface

Fully digital data acquisition for vibration analysis

VibSoft provides both data acquisition and profound analysis of vibration measurement results. The optional VibSoft junction box allows acquiring and analyzing analog vibrometer signals together with additional analog input signals (sensors or reference signals). Polytec measurement instruments equipped with a corresponding VibroLink interface communicate directly with VibSoft or VibSoft-VL via Ethernet or WLAN. This enables a stable transfer of measurement data and remote control of the measurement parameters in a fully digital way.

VibSoft offers digital high, low and bandpass filters. The software is open to common standards: recording time and FFT data for arbitrary voltage signals, supporting IEPE (ICP®) for third-party sensors, a scripting engine enabling automatic test routines and exporting ASCII and universal file format. Further options like real-time video imaging and the powerful signal processor (a Polytec math library for post-processing) for individual post-processing and control make VibSoft an extremely powerful tool.


Portable and fully digital solution with wireless capability for frequencies from DC up to 24 MHz, lean and ready to use with any laptop or PC

  • Suitable even for high ultrasonic applications using sampling rates of 60 MSa/s and Gbit Ethernet
  • Enables digital DAQ via Ethernet or WLAN for Polytec laser vibrometers with VibroLink (VL) interface
  • Provides cleanest signals with a high digital resolution, as signals are transferred fully digitally up to 24-bit
  • Optimally integrated in the operating system securing super stable digital data transfer even under high system load


Portable analog 2-channel solution for frequencies from DC up to 20 kHz, flexible and mobile for field studies

  • Perfect for acoustic applications
  • Compact and lightweight junction box VIB-E-220 connectable to a laptop or PC via USB
  • Analyze transfer functions (FRF) by connecting a 2nd sensor
  • IEPE support for 3rd party sensors
  • Includes VibSoft-VL


High performance analog 4-channel synchronous data acquisition from DC up to 25 MHz with integrated signal generator, for power users in lab and test environments

  • Suitable even for high ultrasonic applications
  • Integrated signal generator for excitation of the sample
  • Acquire 4 input signals synchronously and analyze transfer functions (FRF) with high performance A/D-converters
  • Dedicated Industrial PC with integrated BNC I/O in 19” rack housing 
  • Includes VibSoft-VL

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