MSA IRIS Measurement Service

Optical vibration measurement and modal testing inside of encapsulated MEMS

Non-contact testing of capped MEMS as service

Laser-Doppler-Vibrometry (LDV) is a well-established technique to study the mechanical dynamics of MEMS with utmost precision. However, most laser vibrometers work at visible wavelengths for which the silicon encapsulation is opaque and inhibits MEMS inspection. Thus, LDV testing of such MEMS via visible wavelengths requires either un-encapsulated MEMS or to decap the device.

However, the step of MEMS capping in fabrication processes may result in additional stress, which might alter the device performance. Therefore, a comprehensive characterization of the MEMS device in its final and encapsulated state is needed and indispensible. As silicon is transparent in the near infrared spectra above wavelengths of 1050 nm, infrared-interferometer-based vibration measurement opens up the possibility for inspecting encapsulated MEMS for authentic and most representative analysis results. Polytec’s brand new, patented state-of-the-art interferometer technology now delivers supreme data quality due to superior separation of individual device layers in the capped MEMS devices. 

Modal testing of silicon encapsulated MEMS

For comprehensive and representative analysis of capped MEMS, contact us. Our PolyXperts are looking forward to receiving your capped MEMS sample for modal testing, feasibility studies and consulting throughout all phases from development over prototyping to manufacturing of your encapsulated microstructures.

Wafer-level and single-die testing with laser vibrometry

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