Milk and dairy analysis

Enhance quality control measures with Polytec’s milk and dairy analysis solution. Our cutting-edge Milk and Dairy Analyzer efficiently evaluates key parameters such as fat, protein, lactose, and total solids content. This comprehensive analysis not only elevates overall product quality but also significantly reduces expenses and time associated with managing production-related discrepancies. Benefit from swift, non-destructive evaluations of both solid and liquid dairy products, seamlessly integrated into your production process.

Discover how Polytec’s Milk and Dairy Analyzer can help improve your specific production.


Milk and dairy quality control

Milk and dairy products, such as cheese, butter, yogurt, and milk powders, hold a significant place in kitchens worldwide. This underscores the importance for consumers to be well-informed about the products' nutritional value, potential allergens, and intolerances. For producers, this emphasizes the critical role of maintaining and elevating product quality throughout the entire production cycle to ensure the excellence of dairy items. Polytec’s calibration packages for dairy products and their ingredients are developed according to the ISO 21543 guideline.


Milk and Dairy Analyzer

Benefit from customized adaptation interfaces, compact measuring heads and seamlessly integrated, process-optimized software solutions. Thanks to the measuring head's compact design, installation is feasible even on pipelines with smaller diameters. Utilizing a single spectrometer, you can manage up to 6 measuring points simultaneously, with measurement outcomes conveniently showcased through user-friendly software. Get in touch with us to discover how you can enhance control and optimize production for your unique requirements.


What are the advantages of in-line NIR spectroscopy?

Fast analysis results of several product-critical parameters

Optimized product quality for consistently high quality

Saving of valuable raw materials and their optimal use

Increased productivity: increase efficiency and reduce downtime thanks to fast analysis results

No sample preparation, no waste

No special knowledge required, simple sample presentation

Further applications for the milk processing industry

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