Milk & dairy products

Milk and dairy products such as cheese, butter, yogurt, or milk powders are widely used in every kitchen. This makes it all the more important for consumers to know how healthy the products are and what is in them, also for intolerances and allergies. For producers, this means that controlling and improving product quality to ensure the quality of milk and dairy products at all stages of the production chain is of paramount importance. Polytec offers a wide range of possibilities for quality control with its NIR process spectrometers. Important parameters here are the content of fat, protein, lactose, and total solids. Polytec’s calibration packages for dairy products and their ingredients are developed according to the ISO 21543 guideline.

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What are the advantages of inline NIR spectroscopy?

Fast analysis results of several product-critical parameters

Optimized product quality for consistently high quality

Saving of valuable raw materials and their optimal use

Increased productivity: increase efficiency and reduce downtime thanks to fast analysis results

No sample preparation, no waste

No special knowledge required, simple sample presentation

Further applications for the milk processing industry

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