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Polytec confirms it is considered essential business

Polytec, Inc. confirms its products and associated repair and services are servicing multiple industries considered essential, including, but not limited to manufacturers and R&D companies of ventilators, medical devices, defense articles, and the steel industry. As a result, we are an important and integral part of these industries supply chain and essential to their continued operation.  

We have determined that our facilities in Irvine, CA, Plymouth, MI and Hudson, MA qualify for an exemption. Even with the exemption, we have fully equipped most of our employees to work remotely to support our customers and will keep an absolute minimum workforce onsite.

We are taking all steps necessary to provide a safe workplace for employees and to continue operations during the effective period of COVID-19 impact to ensure continuity of supply.

Furthermore, will continue to respond to the latest news on COVID-19 with everyone's safety in mind. The situation is dynamic, but we will do what we can to do the right things, while still serving you.

Stay safe and healthy,

Michael Frech