Extended analyzing methods and algorithms for imaging modules

This plugin features further analysis methods and algorithms for imaging modules:

  • Zero Padding: Standard calculation looking for a first impact in case the delay time is too big and the calculated time interval is too big to find impact - Zero Padding deals with this problem.
  • Delete autocorrelation: Eliminates the inherent noise of the microphones, increases dynamic range and is a first step towards Deconvolution Processing.
  • RMS & Max peak: RMS (effective value) is the common method to integrate an interval over a chosen time and create the image. The Max peak method allows to see the maximum values in the acoustic map whenever they have occurred during the calculation interval.
  • Acoustic Eraser: Enables eliminating or isolating sound sources.
  • HDR: better contrast/source resolution through sidelobe-suppression.
  • Difference Spectra: presents the spectra of two recordings combined in a new window and subtracts the corresponding Spectral Acoustic Photos, thus serving as a tool to display even the smallest changes to the measurement object.
  • CleanSC: 
  • Orthogonal Beamforming: Method for sound source analysis and ranking
  • Correlation Analysis

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