32 channel system for various measurement scenarios

Depending on a signal’s spectral composition, the recommended measurement distance varies between 0.3 and 3 meters. The array design is focused on small component testing or close-ups. The wiring of the microphones is enclosed and protected in the array-body which guarantees the best possible acoustic transparency to measure accurate sound levels.

The array design is optimized to provide the highest spatial resolution possible while providing a high depth of field to see all sources in one acoustic map independent of distance (within reason). Meanwhile the array design effectively minimizes partial reflections and resonance effects between the measured object and the array. Furthermore, the ring geometry minimizes aliasing effects which are easy to interpret by also indicating a possible source location. The built-in studio microphones have an extremely linear frequency response. All are carefully hand-selected and calibrated to ensure stable sound pressure levels (+/- 0.5 dB).

To allow long distances, the array is connected to the mcdRec data recorder via two differential SymBus microphone connector cables (max. 20 m). The array comes with an integrated fixed focus camera, which can be supplied as USB or Ethernet version, delivered in different sensor sizes, resolutions and frame rates. The included high-end Manfrotto tripod allows a set up to measure in almost any measurement environment imaginable. Array and tripod are supplied in a transport case and bag respectively.

Ring32 AC Pro

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