A perception of the quality level of a product can be directly linked to how quiet it is or that it makes the “right” sound. Many hours are spent on product development and sound quality. Being able to identify the sources and understand the psychoacoustics (loudness, sharpness, harshness, etc.) that a product has is crucial for producing a quality end product. The Acoustic Camera can quickly and precisely help with these challenges.

Noise reduction

The quieter the better

Whether it be a kitchen appliance or a consumer electronic, the overall consensus is; the quieter the better. Noisy products tend to be considered as less quality products in a wide range of markets. In order to achieve the standard that your consumers expect it is important to be able to localize and lower those loud unwanted noise sources. Using the Acoustic Camera you are able to find that loud noise source quickly and easily.

Sound analysis

Helping achieve the “right” sound

The loudest noises aren’t always the most unwanted noises. The study of the perception of sound is known as psychoacoustics. This is important when designing a product to make sure that all the noise the product produces isn’t translated negatively by the consumer. With our psychoacoustics software module one can use the Acoustic Camera to determine loudness, sharpness, and/or harshness of sources and model it accordingly to produce an acoustically pleasing product.

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