Optical vibration measurement at high speeds 

The HSV-100 High Speed Vibrometer allows you to simultaneously measure displacements and vibrational velocities up to 40 m/s. Configure the HSV as a multi-channel measurement system for the precise, synchronized multi-channel test setup for e.g. comparing valve elevation curves with the desired value at different speeds on the motor test bench. At the same time you can investigate phenomena such as valve bounce in the kilohertz range or the timing between cylinders. The digital decoders in the HSV-100 provide you with low-noise and therefore unambiguous results and can compensate for the test bench’s vibrations.


  • High-resolution differential, optical measurement in real time
  • Non-contact measurement recording true dynamic velocity and displacement in a completely undistorted way
  • Compact sensor head with a variable stand-off distance for confined spaces
  • Frequency bandwidth: 50 kHz; 250 kHz optional
  • Visible spot for “point and shoot” operation
  • Optional beam deflector for motor test benches
  • Synchronous measurement of an arbitrary number of channels with correct phase relation
  • Vibrational velocity and vibration displacement signals output at the same time

Valvetrain measurement

Related areas of applications

Accessories and components

Optical accessories

HSV-AK-800 Beam Steering Unit

Optical beam deflection system for easy alignment of the laser beam especially for valve train measurement applications. Compatible with the HSV-I-100-FF Sensor Head.

A-MIR-xxxx Mirror Sets

Polytec's mirror sets contain different sizes of mirrors to assist in the set-up of your measurement.

OFV-036-M Pan/Tilt Adjustable Mirror

Mirror diameter 25 mm.

Tripods, test stands, positioning stages

VIB-A-P01 Tripod Mountable Tilt Stage

VIB-A-P02 Tripod Mountable Traverse/Tilt Stage

VIB-A-P06 Tripod Mountable X/Y/Tilt Stage

VIB-A-P07 Pan/Tilt Adjustable Mounting Plate

For installation in industrial production lines. Allows fine adjustment of the tilt and rotation angles by ± 1.3°.

VIB-A-T02 Tripod with Pan/Tilt Head

VIB-A-T05 Tripod with Geared Pan/Tilt Head

VIB-A-T39 Flexible Arm with Magnetic Base


A-LAG-0633 Laser Adjustment Goggle

Facilitates the precise pointing of the laser on the device under test.

A-RET-xxxx Retro-Reflective Supplies

Selection of sprays, tape, sheets and micro glass beads for improvement of signal to noise ratio when measuring uncooperative surfaces.

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