Durability testing, high cycle fatigue and noise identification

It is impossible to imagine modern vehicles without electronics. Not only do electronics control vehicles; they are increasingly powering them too. This is precisely why reliable electronics are critical for market success. Vibration and impact loads are therefore extensively tested prior to SOP.

The non-contact vibration sensors from Polytec are ideal for dealing with these problems. The high-sensitivity laser technology reliably detects vibration-related weak points on printed circuit boards or individual components, right down to individual bond wires. Modal tests and order analyses quickly provide the right data for component, PCB, enclosure and attachment optimization.

The additional noises produced by pumps, adjusting drives and fans can be heard much more clearly if the combustion engine is not being used as a masking noise factor in electric or hybrid vehicles running in electric mode. There is also the high-performance electronics, which add a new source of high acoustic sharpness to the vehicle acoustics. Laser vibrometers from Polytec enable clear 3D visualization and quantification of transfer paths into vehicle interiors and efficiently identify source of noise on electronics boards. Polytec laser Doppler vibrometers are the testing instruments of choice worldwide of OEM and tier 1 suppliers.

Vibration analysis in electric mobility (EV)

Wheel hub motors are advantageous for the packaging, but on the other hand they lead to new challenges in terms of noise development due to the installation position. The Otto von Guericke University in Magdeburg examined external rotor electric motors using operating vibration analysis with Polytec laser vibrometers in order to understand and optimize the component behavior and the resulting acoustics of wheel hub motors. Read the exclusive article with complete measurement results after a short registration.

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