Acoustic optimization of loudspeakers

Sound quality is the focus of any loudspeaker development operation – and the membrane’s properties are crucially important in this regard. With their linear frequency response that extends far beyond the audible range, Scanning Vibrometers are hugely beneficial in loudspeaker design. Non-contact measurements guarantee undistorted measurement data across the entire frequency range, thereby enabling clear interpretation of the results of sound pressure level (SPL) measurements and hearing tests. Polytec’s measuring technology offers you unique ways of analyzing dynamic loudspeaker characteristics, whereby you can also include the interaction with the surrounding components. Scanning Vibrometers from Polytec - collecting areal 3D measurement data of entire loudspeaker panels -  have proven their worth with all major loudspeaker manufacturers.

Development tools for musical instruments

Musical instruments generate wonderful, inspiring sounds through their vibrations. For many years now, Polytec laser vibrometers have been helping to describe and shed light on this phenomenon during development and sound engineering. Vibrometers help in the acoustic optimization of violins, harpsichords, guitars, pipe organs or even steelpans. Understanding the vibrational character and resonances of musical instruments is key for optimizing and shaping the instruments very own character. Even “secret sounds” can be unveiled through testing with this measuring technology.

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