Efficient validation with ultrasonics

Laser Doppler vibrometers (LDV) help and simplify the development of efficient tools for ultrasonic processes. Laser scanning vibrometers from Polytec are indispensable for FE model validation and have proven their worth in many industries and applications, such as wire bonding, ultrasonic welding or ultrasonic food cutting. A good sonotrode design and coordination of the same to the transducer saves energy and guarantees a good result. The sonotrode’s operational deflection shapes can be determined directly and compared with the simulations using scanning laser Doppler vibrometers, thereby enabling reliable implementation of optimum efficiency levels. Even during the welding process, LDVs are capable of measuring the vibration amplitude right at the tool-workpiece contact, which not only gives you important information in the development phase, but also when deviations arise in the production process.

Ultrasonic laser testing

In addition to plastics technology, ultrasonics also enables metal ultrasonic welding or the joining of different materials, such as metal and fiber-reinforced plastics (CFRP). Wire bonding – which is fairly widespread in microelectronics contacting – is yet another application. Also, the determination of the relative velocity and displacement amplitudes by performing a differential measurement, which is necessary for forming a highly stress-resistant joint is a popular application. Last but not least, laser vibration testing allows reliable calculation of the vibration amplitudes under operating conditions – excellent for assessing the ultrasonic welding process.


Experimental modal analysis on sonotrodes for ultrasonic bonding

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