Vibration and acoustic testing software for in-line process control 

SonicTC QuickCheck is a flexible tool for acoustic and vibrometric measurements in industrial quality control. The versatile fields of application reach from series production to in-process development. SonicTC QuickCheck is a multichannel, PC-based software for semi or fully automatic process monitoring and quality control based on the vibration behaviour of the products. The range limits for each product test are assigned a priori during quality examinations of good and bad products, entered into the software and stored in a database. 


  • 100% quality tests (traceable results according to DIN/ISO 9000 ff)
  • Clear pass/fail analysis in time and frequency domain with filter and cut functions
  • Product-specific parameters, algorithms and limiting values
  • Data storage and communication with the production control system
  • Configurable sequence control
  • Fully automatic conversion to different types of test samples
  • Digital data interface for Polytec Laser Vibrometer

Reliable pass/fail decisions in-line

Geared up for industrial production processes, QuickCheck helps to reliably decide between good parts and failure for immediate ok/ not ok feedback in the following applications

  • Noise and vibration testing
  • Material testing
  • Flaw (crack) testing
  • Strength testing
  • Operational vibration analysis
  • Process control

The software stands out due to its user-friendly operating and programming interface, which can be optimally adapted to any application. Non-contact laser Doppler vibrometers such as the IVS-500 are detected by the software via the digital interface. They can be directly controlled and measured data can be transferred - without additional data acquisition hardware.

Related areas of applications

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