Non-contact vibration measurement

Polytec manufactures a wide range of laser vibrometers that are the acknowledged gold-standard for non-contact vibration measurement. No matter what your measurement needs are in research, development and production or even for long-term monitoring, there is a Polytec system that provides the answer. Laser-Doppler vibrometers analyze samples of different size, from entire car bodies, large aerospace parts over engines and actuators to micron-sized MEMS or biomedical specimen and components.

Numerous research applications in mechanical and civil engineering, biology and medicine benefit from testing and measuring with non-contact vibrometry. Polytec laser vibrometers easily master challenging conditions like measuring on hot surfaces, on rotating parts, and characterize complex and sensitive structures even in the ultrasonic frequency range. Polytec laser vibration sensors help to solve your measurement task fast and precisely.

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New QTec® multipath laser interferometry

The new QTec vibrometers make vibration measurements so much faster, better and more efficient. When measuring vibrations with the patented QTec® multipath interferometry, the SNR is optimized on all technical surfaces. See in the video, how QTec® interferometry assures reliable measurements on all surfaces.

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Measuring dynamics inside of capped MEMS

The innovative and patented MSA-650 IRIS Micro System Analyzer with IR capability allows for measuring true MEMS dynamics by characterizing both in-plane and out-of-plane motions through silicon encapsulation without contact and without need for preparing nor decapping the device.

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PSV QTec - Reinventing full-field vibration mapping

The new PSV QTec Scanning Vibrometers make full-field vibration measurements up to 10 times faster. The patented QTec® multi-path interferometry eliminates the influence of rough technical surfaces on the signal quality and therefore measures reliably on all surfaces with low noise.

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Measurement, rental, calibration and more services

Our engineering services cover a wide range of applications, either onsite or in our laboratories. Contact us for planning your system calibration or rent cutting edge laser measurement equipment. Our experienced application engineers are pleased to help, measure and test for you. For comprehensive studies, rent the RoboVib® structural test station!

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4 year warranty

Our bonus for you is a 4 year warranty: Because in the entire calendar year 2021 Polytec will deliver all newly purchased vibrometers, velocimeters and TopMap surface metrology systems with a four year warranty! The warranty period starts on the day of delivery and covers all defect repairs occurring during this period.

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