Optical vibration testing drives progress

Automotive development means striving for innovation and continously increasing efficiency. Lightweight construction, electrification and downsizing are the key factors in the industry. Simulation tools bypass entire development cycles in this regard. Valid tests and the measuring technology used there bridge the gap between the virtual world (simulation) and the real world of prototypes. Polytec optical vibration measurement guarantees non-intrusive test data in a quality that satisfies the high simulation and efficiency standards encountered in everyday testing operations – even for lightweight structures. Put Polytec’s measuring technology to versatile use: on test benches, in modal testing, in vehicle acoustics or in sensor development. Whatever your testing need, Polytec laser vibrometers stand for precise data enabling reliable decisions, quick vizualization of the underlying phenomena even during troubleshooting operations. And whatever your measurement task, there is a Polyec vibrometer to provide the solution.

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