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Polytec optical surface metrology allows characterizing precision surfaces areally, analyzing microstructures with sub-nm Z resolution - on rough surfaces like CNC machined or additive manufactured parts, as well as on smooth surfaces like wafer and optics. We care about the details. As a pioneer in optical measurement technology based in southern Germany, Polytec GmbH focuses on sustainable partnerships. Our comprehensive services adress the core requirements of any manufacturing industry:

  • Responsibility
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  • Reliability

Join the transformation of production processes and quality control, stay future-proof and secure your leading position in challenging markets.

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4 year warranty

Polytec stands behind the durability and performance of its surface metrology systems by offering a unique 4-year warranty, reflecting our confidence in the quality and longevity of our optical profilers.

TopMap Pro.Surf detecting form deviation on precision surfaces with white-light
TopMap Pro.Surf detecting form deviation on precision surfaces with white-light

Measurement service & rentals

Our PolyXperts are looking forward to supporting you with flexible and custom measurement services in our modern labs or at your site - also remotely as online session! We’d be happy to guide and consult you at any stage. Besides outsourcing, ask for our rentals for expanding your capabilities on shorter notice.

Besprechung Machbarkeitsstudie
Wir bündeln die relevanten Messergebnisse Ihrer Machbarkeitsstudie im Detail so für Sie, dass wir eine gemeinsame Diskussionsgrundlage haben für das unverbindliche abschließende Gespräch.


Our global team shows an average of over 15 years of experience in the field, bringing unparalleled knowledge of surface inspection on precision mechanics, semiconductors, optical components and more. Upon request we offer custom trainings to help you make the most of your investment. Tell us about your topic and need!  

TopMap Pro.Surf+ automated measurement of form parameters and surface roughness
TopMap Pro.Surf+ automated measurement of form parameters and surface roughness


Sometimes our 44x33 mm large field of view (stitching 230x 220) is not enough or you need specific sample holders or vibration isolation. Sometimes our CST Continuous Scanning Technology with up to 100 mm vertical measurement range is just a piece of your puzzle. Sometimes our <nm resolution topography requires additional insights and evaluation. We offer custom software + hardware + optics as one-stop service, whether custom parameters or implementing measurement routines, we finetune our surface topography solutions upon your specification.

Calibration of Polytec Instruments
Calibration of Polytec Instruments

Commissioning & onsite support

Planning your next project and need assistance during early stages? We are ready to assist you in custom integration, using a vast portfolio of application-specific accessories to really match the needs of your quality control task. We also help you with professional commissioning onsite and support you from mechanical through data integration.

TopMap Micro.View with innovative continuous scanning technology
CST Continuous Scanning Technology allows to use the entire 100 mm positioning range as measurement range

Schedule your calibration & maintenance

Uncompromised quality management, compliance according to ISO:9001 or others? Plan your next move and stay on the safe side. Scheduled calibration and repair is usually done in two working days. We offer calibration services, and ongoing maintenance support to guarantee the optimal performance of our optical sensors. 

Custom measurement service & support

Free feasibilty & demo

Join us in transforming your production processes and quality control, securing your leading position in challenging markets. Our demonstrations and gathered measurement data on your real samples provide insights of what is possible. We measure your sample surfaces - send your sample! Because we believe in a mutual, long-term partnership, the initial feasibility study is for free. 

Send your sample

Free guide on how to: Measurement System Analysis

Every measurement - whether with tactile or optical surface profilers - is subject to uncertainty. The measured values obtained are the basis for quality-controlled production and are thus a key component of quality assurance. However, the correctness of any conclusion drawn by a measurement depends not only on the suitability of the parameter, but also on how accurately and how reliably the measured values reflect the real conditions. Only if the measured value can be determined with a sufficiently small uncertainty in relation to the tolerance of the characteristic, the measurement process is suitable for the inspection task. This paper describes approaches and helpful capability figures of Measurement System Analysis (MSA).

Read in the free guide how to deal with measurement uncertainty for your Quality Assurance!