PSV-500 Scanning Vibrometer

Full-field optical vibration measurement

Full-field optical vibration measurement

With PSV Scanning Vibrometers, you can reliably and precisely complete your vibration measurement tasks in research and product development. The deflection shapes and Eigen modes detected help you with everything from NVH, acoustic and structurally dynamic issues to ultrasonic analyses, FEM validation and non-destructive testing.

Adopts to your measurement needs

Whatever measuring task you want to overcome, Polytec can provide you with a suitable scanning vibrometer – for frequencies from DC to 25 MHz and vibrational velocities of 0.01 µm/s to 30 m/s.

And whether you’re after a solution created as a portable compact system with a notebook or a device developed as a rack system, it’s not a problem. If your requirements grow, you can retrofit the scanning vibrometer step by step, or easily expand it to create a full 3D system.

Bridging design and real world

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