Flexible full-field vibration measurement in 3D

The PSV-500-3D Polytec 3D Scanning Vibrometer completes your vibration measurement tasks in research and product development in a reliable and precise way. The deflection shapes and Eigen modes detected help you with everything from NVH, acoustic and structurally dynamic issues to ultrasonic analyses, FEM validation and non-destructive testing. The PSV-500-3D Scanning Vibrometer conducts precise full-field measurements of the crosstalk between sensor elements, the propagation of surface waves in non-destructive materials testing or the development of integrated sensor networks for composite materials. It uses the data in both the time and the frequency domain to supply you with easily understandable images and animations. 


  • Non-contact and full-field with FEM-like spatial resolution
  • Measures even on tiny structures due to smallest laser spot
  • Measures through water and other transparent media
  • Machine vision tools for easy setup
  • Professional CAE interfaces for model validation
  • Advanced geometry handling for meaningful result presentation
  • Modal analysis featuring MIMO excitation and 8 input channels
  • With open interface, versatile software options and accessories
  • Expandable to fully automatic RoboVib® Structural Test Station

Model validation based on operational deflection shapes

Since in-plane data and out-of-plane data are measured simultaneously, the PSV-500-3D allows you to conduct meaningful operational deflection shape analyses and to validate finite element simulation models – for frequencies from DC to 25 MHz and vibrational velocities of 0.01 µm/s to 30 m/s. The precise helium-neon laser with its small laser measuring spot is suitable for measurements on extremely fine structures and even measures in and through water and other transparent media. For challenging measurements on technical surfaces, on dark, biological, moving or rotating test structures, the new PSV QTec Scanning Vibrometer is the ideal choice. 

If your requirements increase, you can easily retrofit the 3D Scanning Vibrometer or expand it to include a fully automatic RoboVib® measuring station.

Bridging design and real world 

Related areas of applications

Accessories and components

Optical Accessories

PSV-G-500 Geometry Scan Unit

Integrated laser distance sensor to measure the sample geometry.

PSV-A-HNeBF Helium-Neon Block Filter

Notch filter for improved laser spot visibility when measuring very small parts or mirror-like surfaces.

PSV-A-526 Front Window

Protects the scanning mechanism against dust, wind and acoustic excitation at high dB levels.

A-MIR-xxxx Mirror Sets

Polytec's mirror sets contain different sizes of mirrors to assist in the set-up of your measurement.

Tripods, Test Stands, Positioning Stages

VIB-A-T02 Tripod with Pan/Tilt Head

PSV-A-T34 Table Tripod

Rigid support of 3 PSV scanning heads. Provides a configuration optimized for in-plane performance with small parts.

PSV-A-T35 Table Tripod

Rigid support of 3 PSV scanning heads. Provides a narrow configuration optimized for out-of-plane performance with small parts.

PSV-A-T51 Motorized Tripod

Convenient motorized support for 3 PSV scanning heads.


External Scanner Control

Allows for an additional control of the scanning mirrors by external voltage signals.

PSV-A-430 Acoustic Gate Unit

Activates the gate input if a noise exceeds a certain threshold. Suitable for event trigger applications such as brake squeal measurements.

Scalable Automatic Modal Hammer SAM

Excitation of sample for experimental modal tests with repeatable force level. Broadly configurable and avoids double hits reliably.

Scalable Automatic Modal Hammer SAM

A-RET-xxxx Retro-Reflective Supplies

Selection of sprays, tape, sheets and micro glass beads for improvement of signal to noise ratio when measuring uncooperative surfaces.

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