Processing full-field vibration measurement data

The PSV Software is the heart of every Polytec full-field vibration measurement system. This comprehensive software package allows the fast and simple acquisition, display and editing of vibration measurement data gathered with all PSV Scanning Vibrometers, the MSA Micro System Analyzer series for microscopic observations or the automated structural test station RoboVib®.

The intuitive operation of the PSV Software enable even beginners to perform successful measurements in just a few minutes. The comprehensive scanning vibrometer software package is specially designed for full-field and dynamic characterization of microscopic and macroscopic samples and the display of structure-borne vibrations.


  • Supports fast results with intuitive step-by-step procedure
  • High productivity with result analysis while measuring
  • Integrates in CAE with versatile interfaces and large FE geometry handling
  • Open interface for control and data analysis from any software with Polytec File Access
  • Seamless integration with PolyWave Modal analysis post-processing suite
  • Integrates 3rd party data easily
  • Supports texture files for scanned geometries for stunning result presentation
  • MIMO measurements with multiple shakers and up to 8 additional force or impedance transducers

Seamless workflow and custom post-processing

Use live video images, intuitive drawings and meshing tools for setting up your measurement grid. Define data acquisition settings and excitation in time and frequency domain in detail and finetune. Benefit from clear graphic representations of measurement results as animated (3D) deflection shapes and use advanced post-processing options: Identify resonances via cursor, use Bode plots and more for your individual analysis. Sample macros in Visual Basic and choose from ready-made Polytec macros for automation and recurring measurements. Share your insights with colleagues and a broader audience, also with non-active PSV users with a free ScanViewer software tool. Polytec Update will provide you with the latest version and updates. Universities can even apply for an exclusive life-long maintenance to secure their own scientific leadership. 

What’s new? Latest innovations in release 10.0

  • Faster setup and accuracy with machine vision based automatic 3D alignment and visual object alignment
  • Measurement time optimization with remeshing of imported geometries
  • Drag&drop for post-processing recipes in SignalProcessor

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