Condition monitoring and remote detection of vibrations from large and distant structures 

Polytec’s RSV-150 Remote Sensing Vibrometer is designed to remotely and precisely measure vibrations from large and distant structures using a laser probe. The sensor conveniently monitors the dynamics and stability of free standing buildings, operating machinery and critical production facilities, quickly and effortlessly.

The underlying laser-Doppler interferometer technology eliminates tedious contact sensor installation while maintaining safe monitoring distances from hazardous and inaccessible structures. Its simple point-and-shoot operating principle results in a practical and always ready-to-use diagnostic tool for the field and for the lab.


  • Non-contact vibration sensing from large working distances up to > 300 m
  • Works on nearly all surfaces – even on corroded and dirty ones
  • Remote access to distant hazardous areas
  • True zero Hz performance – precisely determine natural frequencies for health monitoring and model validation
  • Small laser spot size for highest spatial resolution
  • Easy set-up in minutes – no sample cabling or surface preparation
  • Patented integrated optical channel for precise targeting
  • High speed up to a velocity of 24 m/s for drop and shock tests

Point, shoot and measure

Simply mount the sensor head on the rigid tripod, use the geared head and fine adjustment to precisely position the visible laser probe on the exact feature of the object being examined and start your measurement. The long cable between the compact controller and the sensor head permits flexible positioning. With the optional VibSoft data acquisition software, you can immediately evaluate your test data anywhere - in the field or on-site.

The RSV-150 system is designed for high-sensitivity, remote condition monitoring. An innovative laser probe allows the acquisition of vibrational velocity and displacement with micrometer precision at substantial stand-off distances. Thus, structures such as transmission towers, buildings and bridges, industrial facilities, and heavy machinery can be safely and accurately monitored from far away. This remote but precise capability allows for difficult measurements not previously possible, or just too time consuming or dangerous with conventional sensors.

Related areas of applications

Accessories and components

Optical Accessories


Scope with zoom optics. Allows an easier selection of target on uniform structures like stay-cables.

RSV-A-xxx Close-up Lenses

For use of the RSV-150 at working distances below 5 m as in lab environment.

A-MIR-xxxx Mirror Sets

Polytec's mirror sets contain different sizes of mirrors to assist in the set-up of your measurement.

Tripods, test stands, positioning stages

VIB-A-T07 Tripod with Geared Head

Rigid tripod with 3-way geared head.

RSV-A-P05 Pan/Tilt Fine Adjustment

Fine Adjustment adapter for sensor head for easy and precise targeting over long distances.

Software, data acquistion

VibSoft-20 Data Acquisition and Analysis Software

Easy-to-use vibration analysis software with 2-channel USB data acquisition up to 20 kHz.


A-CON-VIDEO USB Video Converter

Converts the sensor head camera's video signal to USB for use in the VibSoft Data Acquisition package. Required for Computers w/o video input only.


A-MON-TFT3 Monitor

12.7 cm (5”) TFT monitor with tripod mount for comfortable and easy targeting.

A-VIB-ACC1 Seismic Reference Sensor

For measurement and compensation of ambient vibration.

A-RET-xxxx Retro-Reflective Supplies

Selection of sprays, tape, sheets and micro glass beads for improvement of signal to noise ratio when measuring uncooperative surfaces.

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