TMS Software

From Measurement Data to Comprehensive Analysis

From Measurement Data to Comprehensive Analysis

The TMS Software for Polytecs topography measurement systems (TMS) of the TopMap series offers a wide range of features and options for quick and easy routine measurements but also for your extensive and detailed surface analysis:

  • Interference Finder automatically detects your surface under test
  • Smart Surface Scanning technology enables measurements on surfaces with different reflection and contrast properties
  • Work with masks, profiles and layers
  • Evaluation in terms of many different 2D and 3D surface parameters
  • Multitude of exportable characteristic values according to e.g. QS-Stat
  • Creation of a task-specific user interface with application-specific add-ins
  • Geometric evaluation options for sphere matching and for determination of step heights, layer thicknesses and volume
  • Expanded maximum lateral measurement area by faster assembling of several measurements (stitching)
  • Expanded reporting option sent results

The Polytec "Recipe" software concept makes it possible to define acquisition settings (e.g., measurement position, illumination settings, camera parameters, etc.) together with evaluation parameters (such as post-processing steps, visualization possibilities, export options, etc.) for a specific measurement task.

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