VibroGo laser vibration sensor for stand-off condition monitoring

Schwingungsmessungen unterwegs mit dem VibroGo

Mikrosysteme und MEMS optisch charakterisieren

EOL Schwingungsmessung

Flächenhafte Messung mit PSV QTec

Nuremberg, Germany


Polytec's know-how spans all industries: from aerospace, biomedical, nanotechnology or mechanical engineering – Poyltec measurement technology supports companies in maintaining and expanding their own technological leadership. Whenever sensitive production processes, products or procedures need to be measured, users trust our our optical technologies.

Visit Polytec's booth at SPS 2024 to discover the latest innovations in laser Doppler vibrometry for non-contact vibration measurement in research and industry.

Polytec‘s technology fields

  • Vibrometry: optical, non-contact measurement of vibration, acoustics and dynamics
  • Velocimetry: laser-precise measurement of length and speed in production processes
  • 3D surface metrology - non-contact characterization of workpiece topography, fom parameter and structural details
  • Process analytics: inline quality control & process optimization by analyzing ingredients
  • In the field of optical measurement technology distribution, the focus is on fiber optic sensors. This involves measuring temperature, strain, deformation, acceleration and pressure in a wide variety of applications. From single-point sensors to continuous measurement profiles over hundreds of meters or kilometers.


Polytec's range of services

  • EOL vibration testing, vibro-acoustic quality control and 100% testing, non-contact and reliable measurements for clear pass-fail-decisions
    IVS-500 Industrial Vibrometer
  • Condition monitoring fast & easy via portable laser vibration sensor
  • Easy sensor integration into production environments for non-contact measurement
  • Series and batch testing by full-field scanning vibrometry in the production environment
    PSV Scanning Vibrometer
  • Optical characterization of dynamics, performance and topography of microsystems and MEMS
    MSA Micro System Analyzer
  • High resolution 3D topography measurement of both form parameters and roughness


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