Truly portable laser vibration measurement 

VibroGo® is the truly portable, battery powered laser vibrometer for field studies and quick and easy condition monitoring of machines and facilities. VibroGo® measures vibrations on the go and without contact, covering a wide frequency range of up to 320 kHz. Use VibroGo® for a better understanding of dynamics and acoustics in nature and technology - for research, product development and quality assurance. 

Choose between different models, depending on your requirements regarding maximum velocity, frequency bandwidth and more. See the datasheets for models VibroGo Lab, Explorer and Sonic covering ranges from 25 kHz to 100 kHz and the brand-new VibroGo Pioneer measuring up to 6 m/s fast velocities on an expanded bandwidth of 320 kHz max.


  • Study acoustics and dynamics with laser precision in field and lab
  • Easy to use, with touch screen and auto focus
  • Wireless measurement and remote control from everywhere within the advanced connectivity concept
  • Lightweight, versatile and outdoor-proof (IP64)
  • Measure from a safe distance up to 30 m
  • Versatile with a large bandwidth from DC up to 320 kHz
  • Additional output signals displacement and acceleration available
  • Simultaneous analog and digital signal output
  • Optional mobile power supply for up to 3 hours operation

Study acoustics and dynamics in nature and technology

With auto and remote focus you can easily set up the laser beam on your test object and set the measurement range via touch screen. Directly retrieve the vibrational velocity, displacement and acceleration. The integrated signal level indicator secures the optimum operation. Select high pass and frequency bandwidth filters for clean signals. Thanks to the ASE Adaptive Signal Enhancement VibroGo® measures reliably even on uncooperative surfaces. 

Use the VibroLink Ethernet or WLAN interface for a fully digital transfer of measurement data to a computer with the VibSoft data acquisition and analysis software. Alternatively, connect any data acquisition to the analog BNC output and control VibroGo® remotely via WLAN and web browser.

If you are looking for a portable, multi purpose and non-contact vibration sensor system, VibroGo® is the ideal solution. Choose the lightweight tripod for fast setups. Stay independent with the mobile power supply for up to 3 hours operation time. Safely measure machinery vibrations on difficult to access or hazardous areas from a distance. 

VibroGo - truly portable laser vibration measurement

Accessories and components

Compliance with standards

Laser safety

IEC/EN 60825-1

Electrical safety

IEC/EN 61010-1


IEC/EN 61326-1. Emission: Limit class A
IEC/EN 61000-3-2 and 61000-3-3.
Immunity: IEC/EN 61000-4-2 to 61000-4-6 and IEC/EN 61000-4-11


Transportation case

VIB-A-CAS16 Transp. Case

Robust transportation case for VibroGo. Included with sensor.

Optical accessories

A-MIR-xxxx Mirror Sets

Polytec's mirror sets contain different sizes of mirrors to assist in the set-up of your measurement.

OFV-036-M Pan/Tilt Adjustable Mirror

Mirror diameter 25 mm.

Tripods, test stands, positioning stages

VIB-A-P01 Tripod Mountable Tilt Stage

VIB-A-P02 Tripod Mountable Traverse/Tilt Stage

VIB-A-P06 Tripod Mountable X/Y/Tilt Stage

VIB-A-P07 Pan/Tilt Adjustable Mounting Plate

For installation in industrial production lines. Allows fine adjustment of the tilt and rotation angles by ± 1.3°.

VIB-A-T02 Tripod with Pan/Tilt Head

VIB-A-T05 Tripod with Geared Pan/Tilt Head

VIB-A-T08 Tripod

Software, data acquisition

Data Acquisition and Analysis Software

Easy-to-use vibration analysis software with 2-channel USB data acquisition up to 20 kHz.


A-CBL-0001 Ethernet Cable RJ 45/M12 5 m

Ethernet cable for digital data transfer between VibroGo and a computer (VibSoft 5.5 or newer required).

A-CBL-0002 Ethernet Cable RJ 45/M12 10 m

Ethernet cable for digital data transfer between VibroGo and a computer (VibSoft 5.5 or newer required).

VGO-C-200-C04 Trigger Cable 1.5 m

For connection with the Trigger input (CON 4) (inlcuded in scope of delivery of VibroGo)

Power supply

A-PPS-01 Plug-in power supply

Plug-in power supply 12 V AC / DC, included in scope of delivery of VibroGo

A-MPS-001 Mobile Power Supply

High-performance lightweight rechargeable battery (lithium polymer, A-MPS-PB1) for mobile power supply.

Wireless connectivity

A-WIC-001 WLAN-Stick CE

CE-certified WLAN stick for using wireless access. (For all countries of the EU, Switzerland, South Africa, India, Oman, Qatar)

A-WIC-002 WLAN-Stick FCC

FCC-certified WLAN stick for using wireless access (for USA, Canada, Rep. Taiwan)


A-LAG-0633 Laser Adjustment Goggle

Facilitates the precise pointing of the laser on the device under test.

A-RET-xxxx Retro-Reflective Supplies

Selection of sprays, tape, sheets and micro glass beads for improvement of signal to noise ratio when measuring uncooperative surfaces.

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