Remote detection of vibrations from distant structures

VibroFlex Range is the outdoor-proof long-range vibration measurement solution designed for remote analysis of vibrating structures, model validation and health monitoring on large and distant structures from more than 300 m. The laser sensor conveniently monitors structural dynamics and stability of buildings, operating machinery and critical production facilities, providing a fast and efficient on-site testing solution. The determined Eigen frequencies and deflections can be used for example for health monitoring or model validation of simulations.


  • Remote vibration analysis > 300 m with laser precision
  • SWIR laser and QTec® for best SNR
  • Measures on all surfaces, even corroded and dirty structures
  • Remote access to distant and hazardous areas
  • True zero Hz performance for precise determination of natural frequencies
  • Easy setup in minutes avoids sample cabling and surface preparation
  • Patented coaxial HD camera for precise targeting
  • Robust and outdoor-proof sensor (IP63)

Just point and measure

Simply mount the sensor head on the rigid tripod, use the geared head and fine adjustment to precisely position the laser beam on the exact feature of the object being examined by using the scope and the parallax-free high resolution camera image with reticle. Then start your measurement. With the VibSoft data acquisition software, you can immediately evaluate your test data anywhere – in the field or on-site.

Vibration measurement and condition monitoring

VibroFlex Range is the dedicated tool for high-resolution remote condition testing of displacement, velocity and acceleration avoiding tedious contact sensor installation and cabling. Typical applications range from infrastructure over buildings to industrial and heavy machinery: 

  • Bridges, buildings and support structures
  • In-service tubes and pipes for leaks
  • Mining machinery even with dirty surfaces
  • Furnace structures, piping or other hot objects
  • Machinery and industrial installations in danger zones (explosive risk, high voltage, high temperature)
  • Power poles, power lines, electrical equipment
  • Historic buildings under monument protection

QTec® patented multipath interferometry

Using the laser Doppler vibrometry avoids tedious contact sensor installation and cabling. Its intuitive point-andmeasure operating principle makes VibroFlex Range a practical and ready-to-use high precision tool for on-site diagnostics. The patented multi-path interferometer technology QTec® makes use of every quantum of light and grants highest signal quality even at long distances and on uncooperative surfaces.

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