NIR Spectrometers

Modular concept for reliable process monitoring

Modular concept for reliable process monitoring

Polytec PSS spectrometers provide the ideal solution to your NIR process analytics problems. Diode array detector technology combined with a transmission grating design means the devices can be used for fast and reliable data acquisition. Flexible combinations with fiber-coupled components allow for integration in various measurement scenarios to suit the user’s requirements. Thanks to standardized components, no compromises need to be made with regard to precision and user-friendliness.

PSS spectrometers are available in a 19” plug-in housing with a 110 – 240 VAC power supply for installation in industrial cabinets. Small ½ 19” controllers with an actively stabilized (10 – 30 VDC) power supply are also available. They are particularly suitable for mobile applications on harvesters, for example.

PSS 1720/1721 and 1750

The compact diode array spectrometers (256 or 512 pixels) are equipped with TE cooling and cover a wavelength range of 850 nm to 1650 nm. They are either available in the 19” housing (PSS 1720) or in the ½ 19” housing.

PSS 2120/2121

These diode array spectrometers (256 pixels) also have TE cooling and can be used in a wavelength range of 1100 nm to 2100 nm. The PSS 2120 is integrated in the 19” housing, while the PSS 2121 is integrated in the ½ 19” housing.

PSS 2220

This spectrometer is also equipped with a diode array detector (256 pixels) with TE cooling and is suitable for a wavelength range of 1200 nm to 2200 nm. The PSS 2220 is supplied in the 19” housing.

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