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QTec® technology improves the signal-to-noise level in vibration measurements

Multi-detector principle improves signal quality

The signal quality of a laser vibrometer measurement depends on the intensity of the backscattered…

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Non-contact laser sensor LSV-2100 ProSpeed from Polytec measuring speed and length in industrial processes in forwards and backwards as well as stand-still

With the advancement of technical possibilities and increase in global competitive pressure, it is essential that manufacturing processes in the cable…

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Vibroflex QTec reinventing vibrometry

QTec® makes the difference. A revolutionary technology makes vibration measurements faster, easier and more reliable than ever - for the most robust,…

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Polytec jumpstarts collaboration with Sartorius Data Analytics AB

Polytec, the specialist in optical measurement technology, is starting a close cooperation with Sartorius Data Analytics AB in the field of process…

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3D-Oberflächenmesstechnik MicroView

For measuring the finest details in surfaces, the TopMap series of optical profiler systems are the preferred solution. From microscopes to…

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