Measuring Systems for Spectroscopy

The Polytec portfolio includes both devices based on well-established and proven technologies and innovative products. All our spectrometers are robust, easy to install and simple to operate. The user-friendly concept and the software that can be learned intuitively enable the user to obtain reliable and meaningful measurement data within a short space of time. Our many years of experience with spectroscopic methods guarantee sound advice and thus an ideal solution for your application. 

Process Spectrometers

Polytec PSS spectrometers provide an ideal solution to your NIR process analytics problem. Based on a transmission grating design with diode array detectors, the devices ensure fast and precise data acquisition. Flexible combinations with fiber-coupled components allow for integration in various measurement scenarios according to the user’s requirements. Highly standardized components mean that no compromises have to be made with regard to precision and user friendliness.

Probes for Process Spectrometers

Different measurement situations require different probes to suit the application at hand. This is precisely why Polytec offers a selection of scan heads that can be used in direct contact with and even at a greater working distance from the goods being measured. Probes that can be immersed in the product to be analyzed are also available. Some sensors have already been combined with an illumination module and have an internal reference. Using a multiplexer system with fiber-optic switches, a spectrometer can be equipped with several probes which are used at different measurement points.

Software for Process Spectrometers

The range of solutions on offer includes software packages both for in-lab analysis and for process monitoring. For in-lab analyses, you can use PAS LABS with its comprehensive configuration options for the measurement process. The software enables quick and convenient data acquisition. For process applications, Polytec offers you customized software solutions which you can configure in many different ways – from appropriate measurement process control, to communication with the process control system. The portfolio is rounded off by compatible software packages from renowned providers for multivariate data analysis. 

Multiplexer for Process Spectrometers

The Multiplexer solution allows the user to perform spectrometer-based measurements with several and even different probes at various points during the process. This means that different evaluation solutions can be used at these spots. This instrumentation enables flexible and affordable integration in customized measurement scenarios for a wide range of applications.

Accessories for Process Spectrometers

You can choose from a comprehensive portfolio of accessories for the Polytec spectrometer systems. Polytec even individually makes single units of application-specific accessories in line with your requirements, for use in studies or series preparation operations.

Components for OEM Solutions

The PSS-M and PRS-M polychromators for NIR or Raman spectroscopy are in-house developments from Polytec GmbH. They now form an integral part of a number of series products from our partners and even meet high sensitivity requirements. 

Service & Support

At Polytec, customer service is our top priority. Our experienced engineers are available to support you on an initial consultation, a needed repair, with feasibility studies, system installation, and training.