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Surface metrology on a new level

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With over 50 years of experience in optical metrology, we are still eager and curious to push the limits of what is possible. Very soon, the easy-to-interpret visualizations of 3D topography measurement data will be lifted to a new level. We had a vision. We had questions. And we had fun.

Dare to be excited what’s next in surface metrology! Join us and become a witness to the genesis of our latest innovation.



For measuring the finest details in surfaces, the TopMap series of optical profiler systems are the preferred solution to meet the toughest of applications needs. This summer, the next generation of optical 3D surface metrology is coming – and it’s nomineed for the inspect award 2021!

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We are Xperts! Hi, Sebastian!

Screams of despair from his office and rollercoaster rides through crash testing – R&D Project Manager Sebastian tells the inside story. What do you think he answers, when asked about the extension of being hacked off from the Sales team? 

What do you wanna know?

We are Xperts! Hi, Özgür!

What fills an enthusiastic Product Manager with pride, why is a hairdresser essential for this product launch? And, can an unexperienced user really perform complex measurements? Find out when we talk to PolyXpert Özgür!

What are you proud of?

We are crash testing

Reliability is all about trust. To earn yours, we test our products in harsh environments ... really harsh. Besides, we think super slow-mo videos are super impressive, super awesome and super dramatic. Join us while we're crash testing!

What are you testing?

We are shaking

Precision is the DNA of our optical surface metrology systems. We put our systems through some tough tests to ensure performance even in the most challenging environments.  Besides this cheap looking bubble-wrap, all components are the best of their class.

What do you inspect?

We are baking

Germans are not only good at bread baking… With over 50 years of experience in optical metrology, we put our grandmothers‘ finest recipes to the test. Baking in environmental chambers requires patience with a touch of magic to yield such captivating results and high-fidelity 3D measurement data. 

What do you measure?