Efficient noise analysis of brake acoustics

Brake squeal, brake acoustics and brake noise are acoustic, complex phenomena that influence comfort as well as brake performance. Braking systems exhibit different brake acoustic behaviours depending on the vehicle. Careful vibration set-up is absolutely essential for quiet braking. The complex eigenvalue analysis illustrates unstable operating conditions during the simulation process. The results of the experimental modal analysis ensure that the models are updated with maximum precision.

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Brake discs on the test station
Experimental modal test with laser vibrometers

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Brake acoustics on the test bench

Here, Polytec 3D Scanning Vibrometers help to efficiently analyze, measure and visualize brake squeal. The resulting, animated 3D deflection shapes allow profound analysis based on real and true measurement results (without applying additional masses) and a correspondingly solid data interpretation of the vibrating brake disc. Polytec’s 3D Scanning Vibrometers enable you to validate even small components such as brake pads for a bottom-up approach. The measurement technique remains the same, even during the final test on the air-conditioned NVH test bench (noise, vibration, harshness). The high spatial resolution records all the high-frequency modes that are characteristic of squealing. Non-contact measuring technology also provides you with reliable data for troubleshooting and model validation even on hot brakes.

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