Modular 3D vibration measurement

VibroFlex TriMount is a modular setup for non-contact 3D vibration measurements, consisting of a sturdy sensor holder with three VibroFlex Compact measuring heads, each interacting with a powerful VibroFlex Connect front-end. This combination enables precise and reliable vibration measurements with a frequency bandwidth up to 24 MHz for a wide range of applications. Its latest generation FPGA-based signal processing takes care of decoding raw measurement data in displacement, velocity and acceleration.


  • True 3D non-contact vibration measurement
  • Precise laser positioning with fine adjustment and camera
  • Highest bandwidth and time resolution
  • Ready-to-go with VibSoft-PRO data acquisition
  • Measuring the real acceleration, velocity and displacement
  • HD+ camera for precise alignment and documentation

Capturing true 3D vectors of test structures

One of the three VibroFlex Compact measuring heads is equipped with an integrated camera, viewing the sample, which simplifies measurement setup and test documentation.

The dedicated VibSoft-PRO data acquisition converts the raw vibration data data into the cartesian x, y and z components for further analysis. The sensor holder offers fine adjusters facilitating the easy and precise alignment of the three laser beams for unambiguouse measurement data.

In addition to using the VibroFlex TriMount as a 3D vibration measurement system, the three laser vibrometers serve as stand-alone 1D single point vibration measurement systems. This versatility opens up a wide range of applications – from research and product development to reliable and cost-effective quality control.

Versatile and modular 3D vibration test system 

Core of the VibroFlex TriMount as a modular 3D vibration measurement solution are three front-ends VibroFlex Connect with a large bandwidth from DC up to 24 MHz. Its latest generation FPGA-based signal processing takes care of decoding raw measurement data in displacement, velocity and acceleration.

VibroFlex Compact sensor heads with excellent optical sensitivity can easily be applied to the sensor holder. One sensor head with integrated camera can be mounted on top, which simplifies measurement setup and test documentation. The sensor holder for 3D measurements is compatible with the VibroFlex Compact and VibroOne sensor heads and is ideally mounted on a tripod for stable measurement and operation.

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