Novi, MI

Automotive Testing Expo

If you need to reduce development time, increase quality and decrease product failures, you need to attend Automotive Testing Expo! The event is America’s largest vehicle and component testing and validation technology and services exhibition, featuring more than 300 exhibitors and attracting over 6,000 attendees.

Visitors can expect to see: Full-vehicle testing • Every type of data capture • ADAS and autonomous vehicle testing • 5G and communications test and verification • Simulation packages • Electric powertrain testing • Internal combustion engine and hybrid testing • Range testing • EMC testing • NVH analysis • Aerodynamics modeling and testing • Suspension and chassis testing and rigs • Electronics testing • Toxicity analysis • Structure and fatigue testing • Sensors and transducers • Materials testing • Crash test technology

The path to reduced product development cycles, more efficiency and better durability starts at Automotive Testing Expo in Novi, Michigan!

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