Experimental modal analysis simplified

RotoVib enables automated and full-body experimental modal analysis using Polytec’s optical 3D scanning laser Vibrometers. Its easy to set-up hardware and software integrates seamlessly into the Polytec scanning vibration measurement workflow and saves time by automatically repositioning the devices-under-test (DUT) instead of a manual and tedious relocation of the sensor setup. 360° measurements of the DUT are as easy as a measurement from just one side.


  • RotoVib automated modal test station
  • Integrates into the CAE workflow
  • Creates full-body 3D vibration data set
  • Small footprint for lab use
  • Accepts part up to 50 kg (110 lb)
  • Ready to use – no installation

Automating your modal test

A small footprint and individual positioning of all components enables operation in the lab for small and medium-sized DUTs up to 50 kg (110 lb). RotoVib converts a scanning vibrometer measurement into a software defined test using test geometries from CAE and returning a completed modal data-set and – on demand – an updated geometry of the DUT. A breadboard-style magnetic steel baseplate allows for safe mounting of the DUT and individual instrumentation with automatic modal hammers or inertial shakers.

RotoVib enables test engineers and technicians to carry out automated modal tests with the highest spatial resolution without having to meet special safety requirements, as is the case with conventional robotic systems. The product is particularly suitable for smaller test objects, such as control units or gearbox housings, and offers an efficient solution for acoustic optimization.

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