Non-contact and wear-free sensor technology for continuous casting

High-precision non-contact measurement systems are the benchmark when it comes to keeping material loss to a minimum in the continuous casting of steel, copper alloys or aluminum. In addition to the length measurement, measuring the velocity is also extremely important when cutting the strand in order to guarantee a clean, straight cutting edge. The precise measurement of the velocity and length of the strand is therefore essential to process and cost optimization.

ProSpeed® optical, cost-efficient process control

That is why the ProSpeed® LSV from Polytec is the sensor of choice. This optical measuring system has been specially developed for precision measurement in harsh conditions. It is wear and maintenance-free even in permanent operation. In addition measurement data can be easily integrated into the process control system.

The ProSpeed® LSV uses the differential laser Doppler technique and measures the laser light scattered back from a moving object. Your benefit in comparison with standard non-contact methods is that the LSV measures from standstill and reliably detects the direction of movement.

Optical length and speed measurement in cast lines

The high repeatability offered by non-contact measurement integrated in continouus casting lines significantly improves the quality of production and directly increases yield. This results in fast return on investment: If the safety factor is reduced by just a few millimeters when cutting to length, your original investment costs will be recouped within roughly a year. Another advantage: Despite the hot environment no additional efforts are required to cool the measuring system. The protective aluminum housing with embedded stainless steel cooling water pipes is designed for ambient temperatures of up to 200 °C and has a very high cooling capacity.

In brief: Robust, high-precision, non-contact laser surface velocimeters like the latest ProSpeed optical sensor generation from Polytec can help you to significantly increase the efficiency and process reliability in any continuous casting process.


Optical length and speed measurement in steel, aluminum and metals production