Self-suspending, dynamic decoupled shaker for modal testing

The Qsources Qlws LightWeightShaker is a self-suspending, self-aligning dynamic decoupled electromagnetic shaker for experimental modal analysis. Qlws shakers are specifically developed to carry out consistent repeatable structural excitation in a limited space. The patented solution of a decoupling suspension enables high force density while adding minimal mass and stiffness to a sample under test.

Consisting of two parts, the forcecups and the shaker body, the Qlws mini shaker can easily be separated and recombined. The forcecup is glued to the test device allowing excitation under any angle by simply clicking the shaker body onto the forcecup.


  • Integrated high resolution force sensor
  • Patented shaker decoupling system
  • Extremely small size, decoupled, dynamic shaker
  • Efficient connection to test-objects by adhesives
  • Efficient self-supporting shaker, self-aligning in any inclination
  • Extremely low impedance loading of test-objects
  • High rest repeatability
  • Matching power amplifier and shaker as complete set

Integrated high-resolution force sensor

With the force sensor being integrated into the shaker, the Qlws LightWeightShaker from Qsources allows for consistent and accurate FRF, transfer function and data acquisition of impulse response. Attach multiple forcecups to a test sample for increase energy input and exciting all modes effectively. This configuration matches perfectly the MIMO acquisition and decomposition capabilities of the triaxial scanning vibrometer PSV QTec 3D.

With its compact size and small dimensions, Qlws LightWeightShaker allow the shaker to be installed smoothly inside of test setups when disassembling them before re-assembling for measurement.

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