TopMap Pro.Surf

Measuring form parameters like flatness, parallelism or step-height for reliable surface quality inspections and pass-fail analysis

Reliable surface quality inspections and pass-fail analysis

The TopMap Pro.Surf quickly, reliably and precisely determines form deviation. TopMap Pro.Surf, the high-end solution, is ideal for measuring precision-made surfaces – in the metrology chamber, close to production or even right on the production line thanks to a high level of repeatability.

Measure form tolerances like flatness, waviness, step-height...

The TopMap Pro.Surf offers the customized solution for all surface characterization requirements using parameters such as flatness, step heights and parallelism. All in all, the spatial resolution, the telecentric optics and the outstanding speed and performance cut a very impressive figure indeed.

Polytec white-light interferometer allow an areal measurement instead unlike linear or tactile measurements, which is why a TopMap Pro.Surf does not overlook any details of your workpiece. By recording two million measurement points on a large 44 x 33 mm measuring area within just a matter of seconds avoid time-consuming stitching of single measurement sections. For an even larger field of view, this area can be extended to 230 x 220 mm field. With a 70 mm vertical measurement range (z axis) and at the same time an excellent vertical resolution regardless of the image field sizes, the Pro.Surf is the professional surface inspection instrument leaving plenty of freedom and flexibility for adapting to your individual measuring needs. The telecentric otpical design allows for reaching even hard-to-access areas, such as drill holes and deep-lying surfaces.

The advanced data acquisition of the high-performance surface metrology instrument Pro.Surf helps to comply with typical requirements in production environments like cycle times and the required speed for assuring a given throughput. Integrated machine vision tools such as automatic pattern recognition superbly speed up the quality assurance process in addition. Capture many samples at a time with only one shot without any need for a mechanical mounting or fixture on the large field of view. The automated pattern recognition features match and detect the sample type automatically, which again reduces the overall measurement time.

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