Optimizing the efficiency of ultrasonic motors

Ultrasonic motors are quiet, quick and precise drives that are put to versatile use in more than just the consumer goods industry. Fundamental mechanisms such as traveling waves have to be understood, calculated and tested if these drives are to be given tailored properties in development. The PSV Polytec Scanning Vibrometer quantifies and visualizes the characteristic deflection shapes, which ultimately generate the torque or driving force, both in plane and out of plane, for you. The measurements are not only used to adjust the calculation, but also to give you an immediate insight into the actuator’s action mechanisms. Enhanced efficiency, reduced slippage and an improved service life can all be derived from validated simulation models. Validation with real amplitudes and operational deflection shapes allow you to rest assured that you have an optimized development process. Simply put, it is precise measuring technology for precise drive technology. 

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