For reliable smartphones and mobile devices

Tolerances of manufactured components used in smartphones, tablets and notebooks underlie very strict quality controls already during the production process. Only there and ideally in 100% inspections in-line or end-of-line can ensure all produced and distributed components and finished mobile devices will work both durably and smoothly.

The touchscreen is the most important smartphone-user interface. You can check its flatness with Polytec’s TopMap Pro.Surf, which is particularly suitable for capturing large surfaces from a metrological standpoint. The chromatic confocal sensor technology from Polytec provides thickness or height readings almost in real time, so you can rest assured that the glass is the right thickness during production. Meanwhile, if you’re looking to inspect microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) right down to their smallest details, you can opt for microscope systems of the TopMap series. In short, the surface measurement systems from Polytec provide basic information to ensure that users can rely on their mobile terminals at all times.