VibroGo: Portable laser vibrometer

The brand-new VibroGo®: Truly portable laser vibration measurement with on-board data recording and monitoring

VibroGo® measures vibrations on the go and without contact. This portable sensor detects noise and vibration and directly displays measurement data in the time and frequency domain. VibroGo® even allows on-board analysis in the field, while covering a wide frequency range of up to 320 kHz. Its outstanding resolution, with high linearity across the entire frequency range provides a handy precision analysis tool. Use VibroGo® for a better understanding of dynamics and acoustics in nature and technology – for research, product development and quality assurance.

Point, shoot and measure

With auto and remote focus users can easily set up the laser beam on the test object and set the measurement range via touch screen. They directly retrieve the vibrational velocity, displacement and acceleration. The integrated signal level indicator ensures the optimum operation. High pass and frequency bandwidth filters for clean signals can be selected. Thanks to the ASE Adaptive Signal Enhancement, VibroGo® measures reliably on any surface.

On-board data recording and monitoring

Whenever connectivity might become complicated VibroGo® measures on the go and records several hours of vibration measurement data while researchers and maintenance staff can directly check and verify their signals and finetune their settings right away. This fully self-sufficient operation makes sure, they come home with valid and meaningful data for further processing and sharing.

A reliable tool for acoustics and dynamics

VibroGo® is the ideal solution for a portable, multi-purpose and non-contact vibration sensor system. The lightweight tripod makes fast setups possible. With the mobile power supply users have3 hours of operation time. VibroGo® enables safe measurements of machinery vibrations on difficult to access or hazardous areas due to high voltage, temperature or radiation from a distance. The Ethernet or wireless connection is used for measurement and remote control from everywhere, for comfortable sensor configuration as well as data transfer.