Easily share your PSV Scanning Vibrometer measurement data

Sharing PSV measurement data

The convenient way of sharing your scanning vibrometer measurement data with your colleagues and project partners. The Scan Viewer includes an ActiveX control, which can be embedded in Microsoft Office® applications and in Internet Explorer®. The Scan Viewer also works as an independent application and offers the same high-performance representation and animation options included in the highlights for the Polytec Scanning Vibrometers.

Measure, analyze and present – all with the same file

So, you, as a user, have a simple and – what’s more – free tool for graphically incorporating Polytec vibration measurement data in Microsoft Office® and visualizing it in an interactive and impressive way – on websites, in PowerPoint presentations or in other Office documents. The file viewing software works independently of the PSV software and hence provides access to measurement visualization for everybody working with Polytec measurement data. You will find a PSVSoft measurement sample file in the download list to give you an idea of the possibilities that Scan Viewer offers.

Remark: Please do not install Polytec Scan Viewer side-by-side with a PSV version older than 8.7, a VibSoft version older than 4.7 or a PMA version older than 2.6, as this can damage applications.

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